Rotax Racing Apps


Stay up to date with the Rotax Global App for your race season or use the Rotax Jetting App for the adjustment of your carburetion. Both Apps are available for Android and iOS in the respective App Stores.

Always up to date

Rotax Global App

The Rotax Global App offers a bunch of useful features for your race day or weekend. Having the necessary information in one place gives you easy access to what you need and since 2021, the Rotax Global App also provides you with official documents and briefings for your races.

Download the User Guide for the Rotax Global App

Rotax Global App Guide 2023
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Adjust your carburetion

Rotax Jetting App

The perfect tool for the calibration of your carburetor according to the daily conditions (temperature and air pressure). The Rotax Jetting App is available for Android and iOs.

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