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Woodmon is a Vegetation Digimon Because their bodies are made of wood they can easily catch fire and thus greatly fear fiery Digimon although this is a downside the bark acts like armor to most other attacks With a ferocious personality Woodmon are known to disguise themselves as trees to absorb the energy from other unsuspecting Digimon[1][2] Upon reaching Level 45 the.

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Bosses are enemies in Digimon Aurity ingame they can help the player in many ways such as lending them XP Orbs Data Chips and Eggs Bosses may start of weak but they gradually Digivolve Stronger Below is a list of Bosses by area (Some appear more than once) Nyokimon Zurumon Poyomon Pabumon TorikaraBallmon Chibomon Dodomon Agumon Agumon(06) Yuki.

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After getting the egg there is a black door in the Jungle (the place where you get Pabumon at) and in there is a farm with a small cave containing a fireplace in it (theres a trading station there) In the grass there are certain brown field containing six squares each Get a step behind one of the brown spots then open your inventory In your inventory you will see in the place where the.

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Kimeramon is #243 and is an Ultimatelevel Attackerclass Darkspecies Digimon with a resistance to the Dark element and weakness to the Light Its basic stats are 236 HP 253 MP 148 Attack 129 Defense 67 Spirit 111 Speed and 55 Aptitude It possesses the Powerful 4 Protect 4 and Speed 4 traits.

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