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As a developer it is near impossible to get the pixel RGB colour from an image without using external methods If this feature were to be added I would be able to use the upcoming StudioServicePromptImportLocalAsset() alongside it for my heightmap importer plugin I would get the colour value of each pixel within the image and use that removing the.

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Pixel art can be used in Roblox It depends on your game really but if you want an answer then yes I believe that most players prefer ‘modern’ graphics as seen in many game icons and thumbnails Pixel art is alright to me but it seems somewhat ‘simple’ A game with pixel art is nice but it’s not really very interesting to me.

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What is a good canvas size for pixel art? Pixel sizes Use around 5001000 pixels for little easy paintings where the final quality doesn’t matter (eg sketches stuff you’re just going to post online) Use 20005000 pixels a side for the stuff you might quite like to print or want to turn into a Proper Painting and need some decent detail for.

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