How To Make A Tank In Plane Crazy Roblox

How To Make A Tank In Plane Crazy Roblox. 1st up go to the water part because the lava doors wont activate until you do the water part Drain the water using the wheel and refill with the lever until it’s red The water spitter shall burst out of the glass container Collect the water spitter.

Tank Tutorial Plane Crazy Youtube how to make a tank in plane crazy roblox
Tank Tutorial Plane Crazy Youtube from youtube.com

Tank M4 ShermanJust a different Chassis from the last tank same functionsWhat would you guys like me to make? Comment down below!.

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Finally found a way to make more than 2 wheel train.

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Welcome to the builds section of the Plane Crazy Wiki! If there are sections without descriptions feel free to contribute to those empty sections! There are many types of planes cars boats trains etc inside of Plane Crazy **If the section for a build is already covered please refrain from adding to those sections as they are already explained with sufficient detail (not too specific.

How To Build A TANK (Roblox Plane Crazy) YouTube

New tank tutorial!Reuploaded because of a error in the copyright systemControlsW ForwardS BackwardA LeftD RightShift Boost1 Fire.

Tank Tutorial Plane Crazy Youtube

Roblox Plane Crazy M4 YouTube Sherman Tank Tutorial

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