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Destroy Mega Corp Roblox. Destroy the game By @DeeJaDev Earn this Badge in Baldi’s Basics RP Jeepers! You found it! Good job! Type Badge Updated.

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Roblox has dropped its lawsuit against Ruben Sim the controversial Roblox YouTuber and they’ve reached an agreement although Ruben did have to pay out a hefty amount of $150000 to Roblox and he has been banned from playing the game or going within 100 feet of any Roblox office according to the court documents (via ArsTechnica).

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Remove sets the parent to nil Destroy sets the parent to nil disconnects all connections on the object’s events and locks the parent property 1 Like HugeCoolboy2007 (zyro_crimson) September 22 2021 351am #5 It’s discouraged for use in production MisterSpeaks (Mister) September 22 2021 352am #6.

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Dr Mega is a character that wears Telamon’s Other Chicken Suit and is the CEO of Mega Corp He is the main antagonist of the Ready Player One event Dr Mega first appears in the Jailbreak segment of the Ready Player One event When the player drives into the orange house a cutscene plays where Dr Mega talks in what appears to be a TV news broadcast with a KFC bucket an.

Ruben Sim has been banned from Roblox by court orders

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Sets the Instance/Parent property to nil locks the Instance/Parent property disconnects all connections and calls Destroy on all children This function is the correct way to dispose of objects that are no longer required Disposing of unneeded objects is important since unnecessary objects and connections in a place use up memory (this is called a memory leak).