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OverviewCompleted HouseCompleted StationNot to be confused with Badgy Budgey or Budgey (NPC) Badges are the Roblox version of achievements There are currently 31 available and 3 unobtainable badges in Piggy Most of them can be obtained by escaping a map or completing certain requirements on selected maps and gamemodes In Piggy you earn badges for completing a chapter or some sort special event or e Text under Missing picturesMust include.

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Roblox Badges (Not All) Posted by Flashhacker at 250 PM 11 comments WHAT DA NAMES Reply Delete Replies Reply Unknown November 30 2019 at 808 AM The badge names are Homestead Badge Inviter Badge Combat Badge Friendship Badge Bricksmith Badge These are the names of the badges I’m pretty sure Reply Delete Roblox Badges (Not.

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Image Moderator badge Inviter badge O Official Model Maker Badge Outrageous Builders Club badge S Super Moderator badge T Turbo Builders Club badge.